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Gizmo Gizmo
Out of NAFC Grady and a GRHRCH dam, Gizmo is very eager to please and loves to hunt.
Ginger Ginger
Out of our 2010 Peanut/Newdle litter, Ginger is always eager to please. She is an excellent retriever and has a great nose like her mom.
Jetta Jetta
An enthusiastic and fun retriever out of Wind River Labs in Ephrata, WA, Jetta is eager to please and well mannered.
Sadie Sadie
A smaller well mannered retriever out of Wind River Labs in Ephrata, WA.

No Fly Zone Markin Molly - SR13826708

DOB: December 25, 2003
Sire: AFC Courier - SN03701001
Dam: Live Wires Daisy Mae - SN47142302

OFA Hips: LR-156976G24F-PI - Good
OFA Elbows: LR-EL29523F24-PI - Normal
CERF: LR-41600

Weight: 70 lbs.


Molly is a 65 lb. medium/light yellow female out of AFC Courier and a Riparian Roughrider dam. All of the males and 2 of the females (9 of 14 dogs) in her 3-generation pedigree are either field champions or amateur field champions including 2 hall of fame dogs. Look a little further back at her 4th & 5th generation and you'll find many national field champions and several more dogs in the Labrador Retriever Hall of Fame.

While she has a strong pedigree and loves to retrieve, she is also very affectionate and gentle. Next to retrieving she likes nothing more than you to scratch her ears, or her chin, or her belly...

Molly is now enjoying retirement with her new family on a farm near Burns, Oregon. She's busy retrieving ducks, geese and pheasants and making a lot of new barnyard friends.

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