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Gizmo Gizmo
Out of NAFC Grady and a GRHRCH dam, Gizmo is very eager to please and loves to hunt.
Ginger Ginger
Out of our 2010 Peanut/Newdle litter, Ginger is always eager to please. She is an excellent retriever and has a great nose like her mom.
Jetta Jetta
An enthusiastic and fun retriever out of Wind River Labs in Ephrata, WA, Jetta is eager to please and well mannered.
Sadie Sadie
A smaller well mannered retriever out of Wind River Labs in Ephrata, WA.
Duckmasters Maximum Rambler JH - SR36846308

DOB: July 24, 2006
Sire: 2001, 2002 NAFC FC Candlewood's Ramblin Man - SN14892406
Dam: Chickamauga Raz Matazz MH - SN76690301

OFA Hips: LR-177643G26M-VPI - Good
OFA Elbows: LR-EL40956M26-VPI - Normal
PENN HIP: Above 90th percentile.

Weight: 75 lbs


Out of 2001, 2002 NAFC FC Candlewood's Ramblin Man (Ramblin Man was inducted into the Labrador Retriever Hall of Fame in February 2012) and Chickamauga Raz Matazz MH (Raz is a 2004 Master National finalist out of 2 X NAFC FC and 2 X CNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac and is a full sister to 2004 NAFC Chickamauga Choo Choo).

Max is our main stud and hunting companion. He is the son of a 2-time National Field Trial (retrieving) champion (NAFC). His dam (mother) is littermate to a National Field Trial champion (NAFC) and is the daughter of a 2-time U.S. (NAFC) and 2-time Canadian (CNAFC) National Field Trial champion. There is only one NAFC in the entire U.S. each year and between those 3 dogs they won it 5 times!

In addition, Max's sire, aunt and both grand-sires (grandfathers) have been inducted into the Labrador Retriever Hall of Fame which is a pretty exclusive club. Only about 130 labs have ever earned this distinction in the 60 years since the Hall of Fame started in 1954. If you look back a couple more generations there are many more in his line that have earned that honor as well, including 2 great-grandfathers!

What this means to someone interested in a labrador retriever is a PROVEN history of natural instinct, trainability, desire and focus.

What do all those NAFC, FC, CNAFC, MH, JH titles mean?

What is the Labrador Retriever Hall of Fame?


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