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Maddie and Marley
Yellow females from April 2006 Peanut/Newdle litter
Owned by Jeanine R (Maddie) & Tracie F (Marley), Portland, Oregon

Maddie and MarleySince leaving you all in June 2006, Maddie and Marley go everywhere. You would not know that they lived 12 miles apart from one another. They love to play with each other, and terrorizes their Moms. They have been to San Francisco and rode in the car the entire way, they love it! Camping in the summer and the snow in the winter, the dogs have gone more places in their short lives than their owners have in a lifetime. Almost 2yrs old now we couldn't imagine our families without them. Maddie is 65lbs with a few extra rolls (but I chose her cause she was the chunk!) Marley looks like her mom and weighs 70lbs. Here are a few photos from then and now. Thanks so much for helping to create our beautiful dogs. They get complimented more than their owners.



and Marley...

Marley Marley

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