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Yellow female from December 2006 Molly/Newdle litter
Owned by Carolyn & Eric M, Amity Oregon

HunterWe purchased our Huntress from you at the end of January (our friend--Ryan came w/us and bought a male--Duke, we see him frequently and he's doing great too!) We wanted to give you an update as she will be a year next week. First of all, we LOVE her!!! She goes everywhere possible w/us...to Lowe's, up in the hills, camping, motorcycle riding...the works!

Hunter is the mellowest lab we have ever seen! (This is noticed also by our friends, family, & even the vet!) She still has plenty of energy, but somehow we have escaped the crazy, hyper portion that usually accompanies lab pups! HunterWe never have to worry about her harming the kids, she already protects them if she feels they are threatened. (This has surprised us.) She hasn't destroyed furniture or our yard and only chewed on a few flip flops in the spring...not complaining at all!!! We have invisible fencing but rarely put her collar on her and she just hangs out within her boundaries.

She spent plenty of time in the water this summer and fall, but as we have spoiled her and keep her in the house much of the time, she probably won't spend much time in it again Hunteruntil spring. I know, some chance to be a duck dog...she doesn't mind the shotgun, although she hasn't been in a blind yet...just mistletoe hunting!!! She has towed our 2 kids across a small pond in a raft, competes against our best friend's German Shepard (who thinks she's a lab) in the pond, and does fine in a boat.

She picked up on commands extremely fast (both verbal and hand.) Nothing fancy, just the basics...come, sit, stay, down, off, rollover, speak, and of course, beg. The kids managed to teach Hunterher to shake and she retrieves in the water like a champ--all by June! We spent the summer reinforcing and playing! Since my husband has been apart of the fire industry for over 20 years, we think it only fitting to get her to "stop, drop, and roll" to the word "FIRE"...so that is my latest endeavor. My husband is also trying to teach her to play dead when "shot."

We just wanted to let you know how well she's fit into our family and that she hasn't come to any ill fate...(she did get run over on soft ground this summer, luckily without any injuries though...a hard way to learn to stay away from vehicles!!!)

I'm attaching pictures...you'll notice she is pretty small; weighing in at about 50-55 lbs.

Thank you again, and Merry Christmas!!

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