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Yellow female from December 2008 Molly/Max litter
Owned by Geff A., Oregon City, Oregon

I had mentioned in the last email that I would send you an update about our dog, Honey, which we purchased from you.

I can’t tell you how happy I have been with our decision. Since she is our first Lab, I was a little tentative about some of the horror stories that I have heard about how destructive and energetic they can be.

Don’t misunderstand, Honey has plenty of energy but that is normal. And with daily exercise and play time she does great.

At 4 1/2 months she is getting big. She is healthy and we haven’t had any troubles with her.

With the exception of my wife’s slippers (expensive wool slippers) and my daughter’s slippers (not so expensive) she hasn’t been too hard on household items. She pretty much chews on her toys and leaves the majority of the stuff alone.

She is the most loyal dog that I have ever owned and is my lifelong companion. Right from the beginning I got into the habit of taking her with me in the truck wherever I could. She really enjoys riding with me and behaves quite well.

We have been working on training her to use commands like sit, stay, lay and the basic things. She is doing quite well and we will continue to find new tricks for her to learn as she masters the others.

Since we have other dogs they are trained to ring a little bell by the back door when it’s time to go out and potty. My wife trained Honey to ring the bell to let us know when she wants out as well. What a life-saver this has been. Since that time about a month ago, no more accidents inside, and no more wondering when she will need to go out again either.

All said she is the best dog that we have ever had and we are looking forward to many years of love and affections from her.


Update August 2009

Honey SwimmingHoney has discovered that she loves water. One afternoon after being out in the back yard unsupervised for a half hour or more she decided to check out what the large blue circle thingy in the yard was. She discovered that it was full of water, although it wasn’t anything that a person would want to be in as I hadn’t begun cleaning the pool out and it resembled something of a farm pond at the time.

After cleaning the pool out and getting it ready for the summer, just in time of the heat wave, we all went for a swim. Honey just jumped up and slid into the pool and swam to her heart’s content. It is amazing that the instinct to swim is there even though she had never been in water before (except a bath). Now we are tasked with training her to only come into the pool when invited and not anytime she wants. Let the fun begin.

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