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Yellow male from December 2008 Peanut/Max litter
Owned by Nate B, White City, Oregon

GunnerGunner fits right in - I can't believe how smart he is. I have never had a lab use his head like Gunner. I took him to the wildlife area today - he is awesome. I sent him after a dummy that he never saw go down, on the other side of a marsh island. He kept the line I sent him on, got down wind and nabbed the dummy like he had been doing it all his life. Hope things are well up there... thanks again for a great dog.

The Mark...






The Retrieve...





And a Well-Deserved Rest...
Gunner sleeping

Update (November 2009)...

Gunner hunting November 2009Gunner is now 11 months old and still amazing us. He did a great job this weekend. He fetched all but 2 of our birds(my son's in a different blind) Gunner hunting with familythree of which he didn't mark, we didn't have him at our blind until we got the birds down. He would swim between my son's blind and mine (they were about 30 yards apart) each time we called him. All we had to do is put him on a line and he would stay on that line until he marked the bird. He acted like he has been doing this for years. Hunters... if you dont have a dog, get one! I almost like watching him work as much as I like to hunt! Gunner is going to be the best lab I have ever had in my Family and I have had some good ones in the past.

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