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Black female from May 2008 Misty/Newdle litter
Owned by Brent & Amber C.
, Sublimity, Oregon

CabelaIt has been over a year now since Cabela joined into our family so we wanted to give you an update on how things are going (Cabela came from Misty's first litter.) She has grown to about 70 pounds and is a great looking lab like her mom, Misty.

Cabela huntingRight from the start Cabela has been a very gentle, loving and loyal dog to our family. She has a lot of fun with our older dog Rascal and keeps him young. Cabela has even bonded with our cat Simba and we have found them curled up together during the winter months! We have found that Cabela is one of the most mellow and laid back labs that we have seen for her age. She enjoys being with our family on our outtings to the beach and around town. Cabela has learned commands very fast and has also picked up on a few not so good ones, especially by watching the older dog!

Some of Cabelas favorite things to do are retrieving,swimming (she's a magnet for the water) going hunting and to work with my husband. Cabela and SimbaWe have also found that she loves her vegetables, eats watermelon from the rind and loves beer (especially Hefeweizen).

Cabela has been a great addition to our family and we couldn't imagine life without her. We are looking forward to many more swimming outtings, camping trips and family activities in the years to come.

We have also included a few pictures of Cabela in action.



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